I’m reserving the “Meta” tag for any posts that have to do with this blog, Caches to Caches. I hope to include a number of posts dealing with the technology I used to build the site and to keep the server up and running. I’m currently running the site on Amazon EC2, specifically a t2-nano instance, and I rely on git with GitHub for code versioning and distribution.

Note that this tag has nothing with the organization formerly known as Facebook.

  • A Guide to My Organizational Workflow: How to Streamline Your Life
    Detailed notes are needed to accomplish individual projects or tasks but not the big picture. Task lists and calendars focus on the big picture at the expense of detail. An effective organizational system requires both. This post gives a high-level overview of my Getting Things Done inspired organizational workflow.
  • Don't Let Your Hobbies Die
    I’ve discovered over time is that many of my skills and passions have developed only through little side-projects that never see the light of day. The combination of the satisfaction I get from freely exploring a new idea and the occasional long-term reward make me feel as if I am constantly growing.
  • Enhancing Websites with Clear Visual Design
    [Web Development] Clarity is key. Here are some tips for improving your website or blog.
  • Technologies Behind Caches To Caches
    [Web Development] Here’s how I built this blog, which relies on Django/Apache on Amazon EC2
  • Hello, World!
    Obligatory first post; welcome to our blog.