Hello, World!

21 Mar 2015 Gregory J. Stein
Tags Meta

This blog sits comfortably between an adventure and a combined CV for me, Greg Stein, and my co-collaborator, Rei Suzuki. We’ve known one another for a long while, and we share interests spanning robotics and mathematical physics. For now, it’s relatively unclear the sort of content we aim to produce going forward, and virtually everything is subject to change. Let us know what sorts of posts and tutorials you’d like to see, and we’ll try to make it happen.

As for the technical details, the blog itself was programmed by me using Django and compiling snippets from various tutorials and resources on the web, which I hope to describe in more detail some other time. The site is hosted on a single Amazon Web Services instance, which should be sufficient for the time being.

Be sure to explore, share and comment! Welcome to The Caches.