General Computing

Thoughts on computers and programming which don’t really belong anywhere else. This category will also include thoughts about computing on the whole, and the general tools one might use to become more productive. In addition, I will include tutorials on how to get the most out of different programming tools, including my favorite code editor Emacs.

  • Managing my Annotated Bibliography with Emacs' Org Mode
    [General Computing] Org mode is a fantastic tool for managing references. Here’s a description of how I use it, and some additional packages, to manage my annotated bibliography.
  • Literate Programming with Org-mode
    [General Computing] I frequently use Org mode to combine code snippets and analysis in a single document, a programming paradigm known as Literate Programming. Here are a few example showing how powerful this setup can be.
  • Motivated People Don't Need a Job Title
    [General Computing] Having too many specific tasks is limiting and can stymie the creative impulses that give rise to fantastic employees.
  • Y.A.U.S (Yet Another Uber Scandal)
    [General Computing] The tech culture is broken, and Uber is just the tip of an iceberg.
  • A Complete Guide to Email in Emacs using Mu and Mu4e
    [General Computing] Most email clients are a pain. Emacs & mu4e are less of a pain.
  • Be Caring & Reach Out
    [General Computing] This time of year can be tough, so reach out to a friend to check in.
  • Vim Within Emacs: An Anecdotal Guide
    [General Computing] After using Emacs for 2 years, I decided to give “evil-mode” (Vim keybindings) a tentative try and I’m not looking back.
  • My Workflow with Org-Agenda
    [General Computing] I use Emacs’ “org-mode” to organize my life. Here’s a snippet of how I get it all working.
  • How We Teach Programming, and Where We're Going Wrong
    [General Computing] Programming matters. As more of the country recognizes the importance of the skill, an increasing number of methods for teaching programming concepts have popped up. However, the emphasis should lean towards how to apply programming across disciplines.
  • Disabling Ubuntu's Broken Wi-Fi Driver
    [General Computing] Ubuntu’s 802.11n Wi-Fi driver is notoriously broken; here’s how to turn it off.
  • Getting Started with Use-Package
    [General Computing] Jump-start emacs with use-package and never manually install another package again
  • C/C++ Completion in Emacs
    [General Computing] Handle large-project C++ completion with Irony & GNU GLOBAL