It wasn't particularly long ago that I felt overwhelmed with all of the tasks I had taken on. Only once I added "planning a wedding" to the list did I finally revamp my workflow so that I could get everything done and still have time for sleep (and my new wife). This tag is for collecting tips, tricks and workflow strategies which help me maneuver my todo list. In particular, I rely on Emacs with Org to implement many of the principles found in the well-known business/self-help book Getting Things Done.

  • Managing my Annotated Bibliography with Emacs' Org Mode
    Org mode is a fantastic tool for managing references. Here's a description of how I use it, and some additional packages, to manage my annotated bibliography.
  • Don't Let Your Hobbies Die
    I've discovered over time is that many of my skills and passions have developed only through little side-projects that never see the light of day. The combination of the satisfaction I get from freely exploring a new idea and the occasional long-term reward make me feel as if I am constantly growing.
  • Literate Programming with Org-mode
    I frequently use Org mode to combine code snippets and analysis in a single document, a programming paradigm known as Literate Programming. Here are a few example showing how powerful this setup can be.
  • A Complete Guide to Email in Emacs using Mu and Mu4e
    Most email clients are a pain. Emacs & mu4e are less of a pain.
  • Vim Within Emacs: An Anecdotal Guide
    After using Emacs for 2 years, I decided to give "evil-mode" (Vim keybindings) a tentative try and I'm not looking back.
  • My Workflow with Org-Agenda
    I use Emacs' "org-mode" to organize my life. Here's a snippet of how I get it all working.