I'm reserving the "Meta" tag for any posts that have to do with this blog, Caches to Caches. I hope to include a number of posts dealing with the technology I used to build the site and to keep the server up and running. I'm currently running the site on Amazon EC2, specifically a t2-nano instance, and I rely on git with GitHub for code versioning and distribution.

  • Don't Let Your Hobbies Die
    I've discovered over time is that many of my skills and passions have developed only through little side-projects that never see the light of day. The combination of the satisfaction I get from freely exploring a new idea and the occasional long-term reward make me feel as if I am constantly growing.
  • Enhancing Websites with Clear Visual Design
    Clarity is key. Here are some tips for improving your website or blog.
  • Technologies Behind Caches To Caches
    Here's how I built this blog, which relies on Django/Apache on Amazon EC2
  • Hello, World!
    Obligatory first post; welcome to our blog.