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This blog is devoted to the broad interests of Gregory J Stein. I'm a firm believer in the idea that one doesn't truly understand something until they try to teach it to someone else. This was the impetus for the creation of Caches to Caches. With a background in Physics and Robotics, I have experience in subjects spanning math, physics, communication and machine learning, and I aim to hone my understanding by sharing what I know.

If there's any article you would like to see, or something you've been wondering about, be sure to let me know on Twitter.

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    An algorithm is, in general, a procedure for solving a problem, particularly in the context of computers and machine learning.
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    C and it's extension C++ are perhaps some of the most widely used languages in the world.
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    Django, the "web framework for perfectionists with deadlines", is a python library for fast and streamlined web development.
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    For indicating content which reflects our thoughts and opinions on issues of interest to us.
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    Education (and the discussion which surrounds it) is extremely important to us, particularly within the domains of our expertise: computer science and physics.
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    Electromagnetism, also known as Electricity & Magnetism or E&M, is one of the fundamental forces of nature.
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    While touted as a set of extendable Editor MACroS, EMACS is more than just a highly customizable text-editor; it's nearly its own operating system.
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    Anything which has to do with the blog belongs here
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    Optics is a branch of physics focused on the study of light.
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    How I get work done and still have time for sleep.
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    The popular python programming language
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    As an open-sourced linux operating systems in the world, Ubuntu is one of the most popular platforms for hobbyists and professionals alike.
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    Visual Design

    Clear visual design can make or break a document, product or presentation.