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This blog is devoted to the broad interests of Gregory J Stein, which includes topics such as Numerical Modeling, Web Design, Robotics, and a number of my individual hobby projects. If there's any article you would like to see, or something you've been wondering about, be sure to let me know on Twitter.

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    An algorithm is, in general, a procedure for solving a problem, particularly in the context of computers and machine learning.
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    C and it's extension C++ are perhaps some of the most widely used languages in the world.
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    Django, the "web framework for perfectionists with deadlines", is a python library for fast and streamlined web development.
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    For indicating content which reflects our thoughts and opinions on issues of interest to us.
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    Education (and the discussion which surrounds it) is extremely important to us, particularly within the domains of our expertise: computer science and physics.
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    Electromagnetism, also known as Electricity & Magnetism or E&M, is one of the fundamental forces of nature.
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    While touted as a set of extendable Editor MACroS, EMACS is more than just a highly customizable text-editor; it's nearly its own operating system.
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    Anything which has to do with the blog belongs here
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    Optics is a branch of physics focused on the study of light.
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    How I get work done and still have time for sleep.
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    The popular python programming language
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    As an open-sourced linux operating systems in the world, Ubuntu is one of the most popular platforms for hobbyists and professionals alike.
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    Visual Design

    Clear visual design can make or break a document, product or presentation.