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Gregory J Stein

I'm Greg, a student of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at MIT. Having just completed my master's thesis and earned my S.M studying the intersection of computational modeling and nonlinear optics, I've transitioned to robotics, with an emphasis on autonomy, where I will be earning my Ph.D.

Though my research interests include mathematical physics and machine learning, I aim to provide a wide range of content spanning my microcontroller projects and web development, not the least of will include the adventure of creating this blog.

Feel free to get in touch and learn more about my work at my personal site gjstein.me.

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Rei Suzuki

Hi everybody! My name is Rei Suzuki. A bit about myself - I'm a masters student at University of Pennsylvania studying Robotics. I enjoy playing video games, reading, watching movies / anime / TV - though I don't really do any of those lately. I will mostly be posting lessons related to robotics, centered around projects I've worked on. Hopefully they will act as teaching tools for 3 types of people - the non-technical person who is curious about real robotics, the theory-type engineer who wants to understand the concepts and the implementation-oriented students who want to know what they need to be aware of while building a working application.

As this semester is very intensive for me, I will probably not post much until the summer of 2015.